NOLA Access Initiative

NOLA Access Initiative

The NOLA Access Initiative seeks to improve computer literacy and increase the community’s access to digital technology and the internet.

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The NOLA Access Initiative is a partnership between the NOLA Media Group and the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  Through the partnership, the NOLA Media Group will invest up to $400,000 to provide funding to non-profit organizations in the New Orleans area and across southeast Louisiana that work to provide communities with access to digital technology.  The Greater New Orleans Foundation is a community foundation serving the 13-parish region of metro New Orleans.  NOLA Media Group is a new company, combining the reach and journalistic resources of The Times-Picayune and into a single digitally-focused media company.  This initiative is the beginning of a continuing effort by NOLA Media Group to help communities across the state increase digital access in an increasingly digital news and information environment.


The NOLA Access Initiative seeks to improve computer literacy and increase the community’s access to digital technology and the internet.


To distribute grants from The NOLA Access Initiative, GNOF staff will seek out eligible nonprofit organizations to develop projects designed to improve computer literacy and increase the community’s access to digital technology and the internet. Staff will provide the necessary technical assistance to develop the most promising projects for interested organizations. Once promising projects have been sufficiently developed, the organizations will be asked to submit a proposal to GNOF to be reviewed for approval by representatives from the NOLA Media Group. Two to four grants with an average size of $20,000 will be awarded quarterly throughout the 2015 calendar year.

Additionally, this grant may include a series of challenge grants that will provide matching funds to nonprofit organizations that have received monies for digital access and computer literacy programs from other sources.

General Guidelines

Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that serve the following parishes: Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, St. James, St. John, St. Charles, and East Baton Rouge are eligible to apply for funding.

Organizations that are not tax-exempt but have a fiscal agent relationship with a 501(c)(3) organization may also eligible.

Grant Restrictions

Through the NOLA Access Initiative, the Greater New Orleans Foundation is unable to fund:

  1. Individuals.
  2. Public, private, or parochial schools.
  3. Programs that promote religious doctrine.

Grant Term


Target Population

Children and Youth, and the Elderly.

How to Apply for Funding

  1. Contact and meet with GNOF program officer Flint Mitchell ( to discuss the grantmaking program and fit of your organization to the grantmaking program, and to explore potential project ideas.
  2. Submit a three- to five-page proposal along with all attachments.

Submitting a Proposal

E-mail your proposal and all attachments in ONE email to the program officer with whom you worked. Your proposal should include:

  1. Description of your organization and your proposed project.
  2. Description of the need for your project and/or what your organization aims to address.
  3. Descriptions of your approach to your work.
  4. Description of how you will evaluate your work.
  5. If applicable, descriptions of your partners and any roles they will play in your work.
  6. The amount you are requesting from the NOLA Access Initiative.
  7. Description of your plan for sustainability after the one-year term of this grant expires.

Please include the following attachments along with your proposal:

  1. A detailed program budget;
  2. Latest annual organizational budget, including both revenues and expenses, approved by your board of directors;
  3. List of your organization’s board of directors and advisory boards;
  4. A copy of an IRS letter indicating your organization’s tax status;
  5. A copy of your most recent audited financial statements (or, if unavailable, an internally prepared statement of financial of position/balance sheet and statement of activities/income statement); and
  6. Your organization’s most recent tax return (i.e., your Form 990).

Questions? Please contact

To download The NOLA Access Initiative Guidelines, please click here.