Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness

We strengthen governance, leadership, and management of our region's nonprofits.

What is Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness?

Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness is the ability of an organization to marshal its knowledge, skills, and other resources to effectively fulfill its purpose. Also referred to as “capacity building,” nonprofit effectiveness describes the effort to ensure that nonprofits benefit from good management and strong governance, and are equipped to deliver programs that serve the community.

The foundation defines an effective nonprofit as one that:

  • Has a clear sense of its identity, with a compelling mission that is rooted in community needs, which it can communicate clearly to stakeholders
  • Is stewarded by an engaged, thoughtful, ethical, and competent board with best practice governance policies guiding their efforts
  • Delivers programs and services of the highest quality, which have been shown to effectively address community needs
  • Is financially sound, with a diversified funding base able to weather the ever-changing economic and funding landscape
  • Is respected by key stakeholders–clients, funders, donors, members, and the field–and influences the sector and community of which it is a part
  • Utilizes organizational and operational best practices, implemented by knowledgeable and skilled staff, and strives to be an organization of excellence
  • Can respond effectively to the changing landscape of community needs, economic ups and downs, and other unforeseen circumstances

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