Classroom Enrichment Program

Classroom Enrichment Program

To support and improve youth and adult literacy in classroom settings in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, St. James, St. John, St. Charles, and East Baton Rouge parishes.

Due Date Currently Closed

The Times-Picayune, NOLA Media Group, and Advanced Central Services Louisiana seek to support and improve youth and adult literacy throughout the region primarily in classroom settings through the Classroom Enrichment Program (CEP). Examples include: enabling access to news and information in digital formats, such as through the provision of tablet computers, computers, and similar devices; providing “smart-boards” and other interactive and technologically-enabled teaching tools for use in class settings; training and informing teachers and educators regarding the use of technology to improve literacy especially with digital platforms to enable them to pass the knowledge on to students (“train the trainer”).

Grants of not less than $5,000 each will be awarded over the 2014 calendar year and beyond, until the CEP funds are extinguished. Interested and eligible schools can also obtain access to the electronic edition of the Times-Picayune, as a teaching and literary enhancement guide in classrooms. Access to the digital edition will be at no charge for an introductory rate and later purchased at special discounted rates, which can be charged against awarded grants. Additionally, these grants may include a series of challenge grants that will provide matching funds to nonprofit organizations that have received contributions for digital access and computer literacy programs from other sources.

General Guidelines

Nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations that serve the following parishes: Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, St. James, St. John, St. Charles, and East Baton Rouge are eligible for funding. Organizations that are not tax-exempt but have a fiscal agent relationship with a 501(c)(3) organization may also eligible.

Entities such as public, private, and parochial schools that focus on literacy in a classroom setting are particularly encouraged to seek grants from the CEP program. Schools and other eligible nonprofit organizations with existing programs, projects, or proposals designed to support or improve literacy are also encouraged to seek grants from the CEP program.

Organizations interested in obtaining funds through the CEP program will be asked to submit an application to the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Applications will then be reviewed for approval by representatives from the NOLA Media Group and ACS Louisiana.

The average grant size will likely be in the $5,000 to $10,000 range. Individual grants may be larger.

Specific Guidelines

Priority will be given to organizations that demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Instructional practice that would support the use of technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.
  2. High-quality instruction and access to challenging content, opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere, and individualized instruction to ensure all students reach their full potential.
  3. Different facets, tools, and applications to support and empower teachers and students, including online courses, blended or hybrid learning, or digital content and resources.
  4. Professional development for teachers and to provide personalized learning experiences for students.
  5. Technology to support continuing education for adults.

Target Population

Children, Youth, and the Adults, primarily in class setting.

Grant Restrictions

Through the Classroom Enrichment Program, the Greater New Orleans Foundation is unable to fund:

  1. Individuals, either through scholarships or other forms of financial assistance.
  2. For-profit organizations.
  3. Programs that require exposure to, adherence to, or conversion to any religious doctrine in order to receive program services.

Deadline and Submission Requirements for Applications

  1. Applications along with all required attachments must be submitted electronically no later than 5:00 pm (CT) on Friday, April 25, 2014. Applications not submitted electronically will not be considered for funding.
  2. E-mail applications and all attachments in ONE email to
  3. The subject line of your email should read: “Classroom Enrichment Program-2014-[Your Organization’s Name]”. (For example, “Classroom Enrichment Program-2014-ABC Inc.”

Application Requirements/Attachments

  • Must be signed by the agency’s school leader/executive director (and board chair/president, if applicable)
  • If hardware, software, etc. purchased, must include two bids (including sales tax)
  • A program/project budget
  • List of your organization’s board of directors

Download the Classroom Enrichment Program application here (.doc).