Powell DiGangi

Workforce Innovations Navigator

Powell joined the foundation in May of 2018 and currently serves as a workforce navigator for the New Orleans Workforce Innovations Program.  Prior to joining the Foundation, Powell worked as a social worker (LMSW) with the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, Café Reconcile, and the Tulane University Student Support Services. He also worked as an organizer for the Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union for eight years advocating for higher wages, healthcare benefits, and workplace safety.

Powell received his Bachelor of Arts from University of California.  He also attended Zaytuna College, the first and only Islamic University in the US to study classical Arabic and Islamic theology to better serve his Muslim community.  During that time, he led teen enrichment programs and youth groups with the Lighthouse Mosque and the City of Emeryville. Powell earned his Master’s degree in Social Work from Tulane University. In his spare time, Powell is a founding member of the New Orleans Domino Players Association. The association works to promote authentic community building through organizing social games, tournaments and all things dominos.

Email Powell at powell@gnof.org