Impact 100

We support women by expanding the impact of their giving.

Across the country and across the globe women are taking their rightful place at the table where decisions are made. Nowhere is their presence more powerfully felt than in philanthropy, where women’s values and visions are reshaping our world. Registration for 2022 is now open.

What is Impact 100?

Impact 100 is a group of over one hundred local women who have committed to giving $1,100 for making a single transformative grant to a local nonprofit every year. These transformative grants will be game-changers for the recipient nonprofits. Over time, these nonprofits also will be game-changers for our city and region.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed women can change the world.”
Margaret Mead

Why Impact 100?

Because, as Margaret Mead said, it really only takes a small group of committed individuals to change the world. In recent years, as women have stepped into their power—including their earning power—women’s giving circles have become influential change agents in communities across the country.

We believe it’s time for a women’s giving circle to transform some of the pressing issues facing the New Orleans region. By pooling our resources and focusing our efforts, we can be the change agents few of us can afford to be alone. Together, we can demonstrate the power of collaborative giving. $1,100 is your passport to Impact 100. To learn more information about Impact 100 please read the Q&A.

Women Making an Impact

Since its inaugural year, Impact 100 has granted out more than $1 million to nonprofits across the Greater New Orleans region.

In 2021, Impact 100 members granted $115,000.  Four local nonprofits representing education (College Beyond), social services (Bastion), workforce (Hotel Hope), and youth development (Silverback Society) pitched their $100,000 ideas to the women of Impact 100 during an in-person pitch event. The winner, Hotel Hope, earned a $100,000 grant and each runner-up received $5,000 as well as pitch training and a profile video created by our nonprofit partner NOVAC.

The 2021 Impact 100 Winner was Hotel Hope, an organization that moves families from homelessness to self-sufficiency through a three-stage service model that involves providing crisis intervention services, residential stability, and help in achieving economic self-sufficiency. For more information about Hotel Hope please visit their website.

Click here to watch the winning video and pitch, and click here to watch Hotel Hope be notified of their win!

For more information about the other participating nonprofit organizations, please visit their websites below:

For membership questions or to learn more about Impact 100, please contact Natasha Walker via email or via phone 504.620.5262.

  • Impact 100 2022 Membership

    Peggy Adams*
    Victoria Adams Phipps
    Karen Aron
    Nancy Aronson
    Carol Asher
    Aimee Aysenne
    Judy Barrasso
    Dawn Barrios
    Margaret Benjamin
    Terese Bennett
    Otylia Benson
    Julie Benson
    Donna Betzer
    Elizabeth Boh
    Katherine Boh
    Bridget Bories
    Brenda Breaux
    Christine Briede
    Ashley Bright
    Kia Brown
    Florence Brown
    Vanessa Brown Claiborne
    Lynne Burkart
    Celeste Cahn
    Elise Cahn
    Marie Cahn*
    Sharon Cassiere
    Lorraine Chotin
    Lynn Coatney
    Sarah Cockerham
    Ciara Coleman
    Jeanie Coleman
    Kaye Courington
    Christine Couvillon
    Jennifer Couvillon
    Mia Couvillon
    Susan Couvillon*
    Kathleen Crowley
    Mathilde Currence
    Karen DeBlieux
    Nina Dhurandhar
    Susan Dill*
    Florence Djoleto
    Aleicia Donald
    Marjorie Esman
    Beth Favrot
    Amy Flower*
    Catherine Freeman
    Ellen Frischhertz
    Jennifer Gardener*
    Kimberly George
    Maureen Gershanik
    Katie Gibert
    Kathy Gray
    Kathy Gootee
    Elinor Gregory
    Sue Guarisco
    Michele Guerin*
    Allison Hartman
    Kathy Hebert
    Susan Hess

    Gail Hester Louapre
    Katherine Holcomb
    Lanier Hosford
    Andrea Huseman*
    Elizabeth Ingram*
    Anita Marshall Jefferson
    Mary Johnson
    Lori Keefe
    Debby Kuhner
    Martha Landrum
    Patti Lapeyre
    Sally Lapyere
    Betty Lauricella
    Katherine Lauricella
    Halima Leak Francis**
    Gay LeBreton
    KiTani Lemieux
    Lynn Long
    Geneva Longlois-Marney**
    Diana Mann
    Shelley Massengale
    Kenyatta Miles
    Susan Moody Prieto
    Leann Moses*
    Alyson Mount
    Kieta Mutepfa*
    Carole Neff
    Janice Parmelee
    Adair Parr
    Renee Pastor*
    Chantelle Pierre
    Laura Politz
    Mary Beth Reiling
    Katharine Roberts
    Dielda Robertson
    Jennifer Rosen
    Laura Russo
    Courtney Anne Sarpy
    Adrienne Savant
    Susan Schadt
    Peggy Schleiff
    Penny Selber Autenreith
    Erica Severan-Webb
    Jackie Shreves*
    Jackie Silverman
    Nannette Smith
    Randye Snyder
    Claire Stahel*
    Jane Steiner
    Stephanie Stokes
    Onika Tamara
    Allison Tiller
    Jacqueline “J.C.” Tuthill
    Melissa Tyler
    Valerie Uccellani
    Kristin Van Hook Moore
    Kristen van Meerveld
    Tricia Weeks
    Madeline West
    Sarah Young
    Jennifer Zurik


    * 2022 Advisory Committee Members

    ** 2022 Advisory Committee Co-Chairs

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