In the News: Living in the New Normal: Challenges for Nonprofits

Community Projects Producer And Informed Sources Host, Marcia Kavanaugh, WYES • December 14, 2020

Nonprofit organizations across the New Orleans region offer important community services in a diverse array of areas. Most are dependent on financial support from businesses and individuals to continue their operations. But during the COVID-19 pandemic that financial support has been under strain. How community groups are coping is the focus of the next installment of the continuing WYES series Living in the New Normal: Challenges for Nonprofits.

Program Panelists:

Kellie Chavez Greene
Director for Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness,
Greater New Orleans Foundation

Steven Mumford, PhD
Associate Professor, Master of Public Administration Program
University of New Orleans,

Philip Hackney
Associate Professor, focusing primarily on the law that governs the nonprofit tax-exempt sector of our economy
University of Pittsburgh School of Law