Equitable Sustainable Transportation

Improving mobility options supports better quality-of-life and a healthy environment.

In New Orleans, nearly half of our climate-change causing emissions are from transportation, while almost 20% of households don’t have access to an automobile. By improving our regional transportation systems to enable safe, accessible options for everyone whether driving, walking, biking, or taking transit, we can mitigate climate change impacts while improving health, safety, and quality-of-life for all residents in the region. Ensuring better access to jobs by bolstering transportation options in traditionally underserved areas, which are primarily communities of color, furthers equity and economic opportunity.  

The Greater New Orleans Foundation has a proud history of supporting transportation-focused organizations, including grants that helped found RIDE New Orleans, the regional public transit advocacy organization, and Blue Krewe, the non-profit that operates New Orleans’ bike share. The Foundation has recently established equitable and sustainable transportation as a strategic priority for the environmental programs and will continue to build our philanthropy, leadership, and action in this important space. 

Want to know more?

To learn more about our environmental work at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, get in touch with Dan Favre.