The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Engagement

May 4, 2015

If you don’t tell your story, who will? Nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers are on called on everyday to tell their nonprofit’s story to a variety of stakeholders. Whether for fund development, evaluation, or to promote your services to potential clients and customers, storytelling is a critical component of communications and an important skill to develop and hone. Lead by Annette Simmons, The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence and Engagement workshop is designed for executive directors, fund development and communications staff, program directors, board members, and anyone wanting to learn how to more effectively tell their nonprofit’s story. Participants learned to tell a story so tangible it feels as powerful as a firsthand experience of your organization’s impact and how to identify the kinds of stories that build faith in your work and your organization. Additionally, participants worked to:

  • Understand the psychology of storytelling
  • Learn the six kinds of stories you need to tell
  • Develop perceptual agility to toggle between numbers thinking and story thinking
  • Develop a reliable process for finding and telling stories
  • Embrace the six principles of storytelling
  • Develop and practice a story for your next presentation

Resources from The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Engagement:

The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Engagement Handout (pdf)