The Greater New Orleans Foundation Awards more than $500,000 to Organizations Addressing Challenges Related to Water Across the Region

June 14, 2016

(June 14, 2016 |New Orleans, LA) The Greater New Orleans Foundation deepened its commitment to Southeast Louisiana by awarding more than $500,000 in grants from its Environmental Fund to 18 nonprofit organizations addressing our region’s water challenges.

“Whether you live in rural, suburban, or urban areas in Southeast Louisiana, you’re affected by our region’s relationship with water,” explained Ella Delio, director of environmental and regional initiatives at the Greater New Orleans Foundation. “Coastal land loss, subsidence, and flooding are issues we all face.”

The 18 nonprofit organizations receiving grants are working on a suite of solutions to help individuals and families address and adapt to our environmental threats and issues.  “Many of the organizations we’re investing in are educating communities about environmental challenges and empowering them to help shape a sustainable future,” says Delio.

The following nonprofit organizations in the multi-parish region are receiving grants:

  • $ 45,000     Center for Planning Excellence – to organize a climate-related migration summit
  • $ 25,000     Coalition to Restoral Coastal Louisiana – to fund staff time to build capacity for its policy advocacy and accountability work and forge strategic partnerships for community engagement
  • $ 15,000     Coastal Community Consulting –  to support operating costs for coastal restoration
  • $ 20,000     FirstLine Schools – to integrate water management into the curriculum
  • $ 20,000     Global Green – to develop a green infrastructure plan for the Treme neighborhood
  • $ 20,000     Greater New Orleans Development Foundation – to develop a water management module for GNO Inc.’s World of Work
  • $ 55,650     Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative – to fund a full-time GNO Water Collaborative coordinator
  • $ 15,000     Groundworks New Orleans – to fund a program manager for workforce development
  • $ 20,000     Gulf Restoration Network – to work with neighborhoods on tackling local water management issues such as flooding
  • $ 20,000     Interfaith Sponsoring Committee, BISCO – to support operating costs
  • $ 20,000     Lower Ninth Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development – to support operating costs
  • $90,000      Propeller – to implement the Water Challenge
  • $ 22,000     Restore or Retreat – to hold community meetings to obtain input for the 2017 Coastal Master Plan
  • $ 21,530     South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center – to support a program manager for the Wetlands Discovery Center
  • $ 15,000     SouthWings – to support personnel costs for the Louisiana coastal flight program
  • $ 20,000     United Houma Nation – to support operating costs
  • $ 20,000     Woodlands Conservancy – to support an advocacy campaign to protect the Woodlands Trail
  • $ 25,000     WWNO – to support operating costs for the Coastal Desk

Additionally, the Greater New Orleans Foundation is deepening its organizational effectiveness work among nonprofit organizations that work on our region’s coastal issues.  It has awarded four technical assistance grants of up to $4,000 each from the Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness initiative and Environmental Fund to the following four organizations: Interfaith Sponsoring Committee, BISCO; Lower Ninth Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development; United Houma Nation; and, the Woodlands Conservancy.

“The technical assistance grants will enable these organizations and their leaders to develop skills that will make them even more effective in meeting their critical missions,” said Kellie Chavez Greene, senior program officer for organizational effectiveness at the Greater New Orleans Foundation.