Strategic Restructuring 101 for Nonprofits: Partnerships, Collaborations, and Mergers

December 3, 2012

Save the date for this Greater New Orleans Foundation Organizational Effectiveness Initiative sponsored learning event–Monday, December 3 at Noon. If  you’ve  ever thought of partnering, collaborating, or merging with another organization, don’t miss this informative one hour session.  Register here!

At this webinar, Jo DeBolt, Partner at  La Piana Consulting, will discuss how strategic restructuring–collaborative relationships, strategic alliances, mergers, administrative consolidations, and joint ventures–can help nonprofits achieve mission-critical impact.   Topics will include current trends in collaboration, reasons why organizations consider strategic restructuring, and critical success factors.

La Piana Consulting is nationally recognized as a leader in the fields of nonprofit strategic restructuring and strategy.   Their Nonprofit Mergers Workbooks have been embraced as the “go to” resources for organizations pursuing and implementing a merger.