Real Time Strategic Planning

November 2, 2015

The Greater New Orleans Foundation Organizational Effectiveness Initiative (OE) and the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (LAPCS) partnered with La Piana Consulting for a workshop on Real-time Strategic Planning on Thursday, September 17, 9 am-3 pm at the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

Nonprofits must continually think and act strategically to keep pace with the speed of change. Strategic planning can help nonprofit leaders stay ahead of trends, see things in new ways, and quickly move from analysis to action, leading to results. However, most strategic plans are missing an essential ingredient: strategy! Instead, they tend to be tactical in scope and operational in nature, setting incremental goals for incremental change. In this workshop, participants learned how to implement La Piana Consulting’s real-time strategic planning process. Participant teams started the planning process including:
• Clarifying competitive advantage
• Generating a strategy screen
• Handling big questions
• Developing and testing strategies
• Implementing and adapting strategies

Resources from Real Time Strategic Planning:

Real Time Strategic Planning Compiled Document (pdf)

Includes handouts:

  • Framing the Big Question
  • Strategy Formation
  • Identity Statement
  • Current Business Model
  • Funding Sources
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategy Formation as an Ongoing Activity
  • Trend Analysis
  • Sample Strategy Screens