The Environmental Fund

The Environmental Fund

To inspire ecological, economic, and cultural vitality, resilience, and sustainability.

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The purpose of the fund is to inspire ecological, economic, and cultural vitality, resilience, and sustainability through environmentally focused policies, programs, and projects.

The Foundation’s Environmental Fund invests in four key initiatives intended to help Louisiana’s most vulnerable communities respond, redress, and even reinvent themselves in the face of environmental threats.

  1. Help local environmental organizations diversify their base and collaborate with other organizations to increase their effectiveness.
  2. Help low-income communities of color learn about and abate the high levels of lead in their homes, soil, and neighborhoods.
  3. Sponsor research and convene appropriate NGOs and government entities for collaborations that are relevant to the Foundation’s environmental areas of interest, including its coastal work.
  4. Bring together appropriate nonprofits to create a complementary group of pilot projects that will provide models for other coastal parishes to use as they adapt to the realities of wetland loss and limited funding for additional structural protections such as levees.