Greater New Orleans Foundation Activates Response & Restoration Fund for Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

January 21, 2020

Greater New Orleans Foundation Activates Response & Restoration Fund for Earthquakes in Puerto Rico

New Orleans, LA (January 21, 2020) – Today, the Greater New Orleans Foundation announced the activation of its Response and Restoration Fund in response to the series of earthquakes affecting the United States territory of Puerto Rico.

”Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, who are just over two years into their recovery from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, are now suffering from the results of two major earthquakes to hit the territory in the last couple weeks,” said Andy Kopplin, President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  “I know many others from our region will join me in contributing to our Response and Restoration Fund to support our partner, the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico, and other organizations working to provide relief and make long-term recovery grants.”

Through the Greater New Orleans Foundation Response and Restoration Fund, we mobilize and support a network of voluntary and community organizations active in disasters (VOADS and COADS) whose expertise is deployed locally, nationally, and internationally. We also honor the tradition of “paying it forward” by coordinating with a network of community foundations when disaster strikes other communities to get immediate support to the most vulnerable citizens. Our Response and Restoration Fund provides immediate relief as well as long-term rebuilding support.

Most recently, the Foundation provided immediate and long-term recovery grants from our Response and Restoration Fund following Hurricane Barry which hit South Louisiana in July. These grants assisted in immediate response efforts by such organizations as VIALINK, Second Harvest Food Bank, Plaquemines Community CARE, and Louisiana SPCA.

With the capability to get dollars where they are most needed within 48 hours, the Foundation has pre-registered over 20 organizations from across Southeast Louisiana to receive expedited grants should they be active in responding to a disaster. We also recently hosted a disaster summit to help local nonprofit organizations get ready for disaster and prepare their continuity of operations plans. Representatives from the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, NOLA Ready, and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness were on hand to share their expertise with the 75 nonprofits in attendance.

We recognize that we in South Louisiana are in a position of strength given our experience overcoming disasters and our growing body of knowledge of how to restore our coast and to live better with water. Our comprehensive body of work has inspired us to think outside of traditional silos. Increasingly we see disaster recovery, equity, resiliency, and sustainability as inextricably linked and our long-term disaster grants reflect this approach.

Carmen James Randolph, Greater New Orleans Foundation Vice President of Programs said, “Our experience through disaster has taught us the importance of mobilizing quickly to address immediate needs, providing technical expertise, and offering long-term investments to support rebuilding over time. Our Foundation is aware of the challenges communities face to stand back up following a disaster, and we remain committed to assisting those in need.”

Donations can be made to the Response and Restoration Fund by visiting

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